WISE Uranium Project
The most comprehensive, encyclopadic site on Uranium, U mining, U companies etc.
with a lot of basic information on the U industry

Internationale Ärzte für die Verhütung des Atonkriegs /
Internatiional Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War ( IPPNW)

Nuclear-Free Future Award, München

Initiative Strahlendes Klima / Nuking the Climate, Berlin
An initiative of young volunteers producing documentary-films and other publications on the environmental risks and human rights abuses of uranium mining and nuclear power. We strongly encourage you to screen our films in public for non commercial events.

Nuclear risks
Compilation of dangers and risks through uranium miming, English and German

Tokata - LPSG RheinMain e.V. - Atompolitik
Stellungnahme von Tokata – Leonard Peltier Support Group RheinMain

Reseau "Sortir du Nucleaire"  (Francais, some parts in English)
French umbrella organisation of anti-nuclear groups, also dealing with the issue of Uranium mininig

Commission de Recherche et d'Information Indépendantes sur la Radioactivité (CRIIRAD)
French Independent Commission for Research and Information on Radioactivity
(also working on uranium issues in France, Niger and Gabun)

AREVA ne fera pas le loi en Niger
(FRANCAIS, some parts in English)

French organisation working with Tuareg people in North Niger on the issue of uranium mining



Greenpeace blog Uranium Mining in Slowakia - No Way!
The blog describes the campaign re: u mining in Slovakia and concludes that
"there’s an excellent chance that Slovakia’s uranium will never see the light of day."



Nein zu neuen Atomkraftwerken (Uranium issues)

INCOMINDIOS Schweiz (Uranium issues)



Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility (CCNR)


West Quebec against Uranium Mining  (WQ-CAMU)

Ottawa Valley and region

Community Coalition against Uranium Mining (CCAMU)


Inter-Church Uranium Comittee Educational Cooperative (ICUCEC)

Coalition for a Clean Green Saskatchewan

British Columbia

Boundary Alliance - Keep B.C. Nuclear Free



South Dakota

Defenders of the Black Hills

South-West US

Southwest Indigenous Uranium Forum

Eastern Navajos against Uranium Mining (ENDAUM)

Southwest Information and Research Center (SRIC), Albuquerque (link to Uranium issues)


Southwest Environmental Law Center, Virginia (link to uranium issues)

Virginia against Uranium Mining, blogspot




Centre pour l'Environnement et le Developpement (CED) /
Center for the Environment and Development (ENGLISH and FRANCAIS)
for uranium issues:
click here

Niger / France

AREVA ne fera pas la loi en Niger  (FRANCAIS, some parts in ENGLISH)
("AREVA shall not make the law in Niger....")

South  Africa

Coalition against Nuclear Energy (CANE)

Public Environmental Arbiters



Australian Conversation Foundation,
for uranium issues: click here