Narbonne–During this week of the 73rd anniversaries of the nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the International Anti-Nuclear Summer Camp takes place near Narbonne in the south of France from August 6th to 12th.

Tents, performances, and debates are waking up a peaceful estate of olive trees and wild thyme. Located a few miles away from Malvési, the Orano uranium-conversion facility (formerly Areva), this meeting of 17 nationalities focuses on all aspects of the nuclear fuel chain.

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"We, winners of the world’s environmental awards attending the 6th International Convention of Environmental Laureates in Freiburg, Germany, are deeply concerned about the marked rise in intimidation, harassment, repression, and physical assault of environmental defenders being reported in many parts of the world.  We sharply criticize those governments that are failing in their duty to guarantee the lives and safety of civil society members

As threats to the global climate, biodiversity, ecosystems, natural reserves, and human health have become more common and more severe, environmental activism has proliferated and become more visible around the world.


Abstract - Radiological hazards from uranium mining (

Bruno Chareyron

At all the French uranium mines where it made radiological surveys, the CRIIRAD laboratory discovered situations of environmental contamination and a lack of proper protection of the inhabitants against health risks due to ionizing radiation.


The saga of Areva in Africa - Release of Black Dossier No. 24 - The hidden face of French nuclear energy

by Stéphanie Dubois de Prisque and Opale Crivello,

(english translation by volunteers - Thank you!)

Association Survie and Editions Agone have published Areva in Africa - The hidden face of French nuclear energy, written by Raphael Granvaud, as part of the Black Dossier series. Its release in bookstores tomorrow, will be accompanied by protests organized in partnership with the Réseau Sortir du nucléaire (Nuclear Exit Network). The major issues addressed in the book were presented to the press February 9 by the author and representatives of Survie, Réseau Sortir du nucléaire and Gabonese civil society.

Fabrice Tarrit, the President of Survie, introduced the book by saying, “Areva is a very important part of President Sarkozy’s policy to promote French interests in Africa. We want to focus on this company, which is at the heart of the Franco-African system, and on its diplomatic, political, military connections. This company essentially belongs to the French government and, therefore, to taxpayers”.


L'épopée d'Areva en Afrique - une face cachée du nucléaire francais

L'Association Survie et les Editions Agone publient Areva en Afrique – une face cachée du nucléaire français, un Dossier Noir écrit par Raphaël Granvaud. Sa sortie, pour demain en librairie, s'accompagnera de mobilisations organisées en partenariat avec le Réseau Sortir du nucléaire. Les enjeux majeurs abordés dans l’ouvrage ont été présentés à la presse le 9 février par l'auteur et des représentants de Survie, de Sortir du nucléaire et de la société civile gabonais.


Französischer Atomkonzern Areva verlernt das Strahlen (Manager-Magazin)

Von Wilfried Eckl-Dorna

Streit mit der Ex-Chefin, Probleme mit dem Reaktor-Hoffnungsträger, dazu eine tiefrote Bilanz: Mit einem Sparkurs soll Areva wieder Tritt fassen. Von Westeuropas Abkehr von der Atomkraft dürfte der französische Nuklearkonzern und Ex-Siemens-Partner mittelfristig jedoch profitieren.


Conference / Meeting /Workshops on nuclear issues in Colmar, France

The issue of uranium mining in France AND abroad was discussed.
A representative from Niger reported about the situation around uranium mining in Niger.
An exhibiton of the Collectif Tchinaghen on the uranium minign situation in Niger was displayed.

Program of Meeting / Worhshops / Conference

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Collectif Tchinaghen
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Collectif "AREVA ne fera pas la loi au Niger"

Fermons Fessenheim Demonstration

- Let's shut down the Nuclear Power Plant at Fessenheim (France) -
Demonstration of anti-nuclear groups

About 10.000 people called for a shut-down of one of the oldest nuclear power plants of France, Fessenheim, on the river Rhine, and against nuclear power in general.

"fermons-fessenheim" - The demonstration